Why eduction for women?

Did you know that in 1948, the United Nations declared basic education to be a fundamental human right? Despite that, 16 percent of the world’s population lack basic literacy skills – two-thirds of these are women? Did you know that lack of education increases a woman’s chances of living in poverty, being effected by violence, becoming infected with HIV/AIDS and dying in childbirth?

When women have access to education, the positive effects are seen, not just for the women, but for their families and communities as well. Educated women are more likely to enter the formal labor market, earning higher wages than informal or home-based work. Educated women learn what they can do to stay healthy. Educated women are more likely to avoid sexually-transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancies. She will less likely marry and begin to bear children at an early age, improving her chances for healthier pregnancies and babies. Educated women are also more likely to ensure that their children receive an education.

These are just a few of the reasons Soroptimist International of Mission Valley (SIMV) participates in the Soroptimist Live Your Dream Award. Each year we provide financial awards to help qualified women continue their education and live their dreams.

SIMV members are dedicated to helping as many women as we can each year. Will you help us give one more award this year?


Live Your Dream Award Success


of Live Your Dream Award recipients earned or continue to pursue an educational degree or certificate


of recipients who completed their education report an increased standard of living


of recipients report an increase in their self-esteem

Past Award Winners

Claudia – 2016-17

Career Goal: Teacher
Claudia has been on her own since she was 12 years old. Now a widow, she is working hard at her studies while trying to create a good environment for her teen aged daughter. Her dream is to complete her education to become a kindergarten teacher.

In addition to the $1,000 award, SI Mission Valley provided Christmas presents for Claudia and her daughter. We remain in contact with them, inviting them to our events and providing emotional support.

Yelitza – 2017-18

Career Goal: Social Worker
After spending 25 years in a abusive marriage where she was denied the ability to work or go to school, Yelitza is now pursuing her dream of becoming a social worker. Her main focus is to work with children and “help them develop appropriate ways to handle situations in their lives.”

Yelitza received a $1,000 award and SIMV will continue to be in contact with her and her children to provide support.

Jessica – 2017-18

Career Goal: Psychiatric Nurse
Jessica knows first-hand what it is like to suffer from mental illness. After repeated suicide attempts and hospitalizations she finally accepted help and began to get her life on track. She is now completing her lower-division studies and has a solid plan to complete her education and become and RN. Jessica says, “I want to be the type of nurse that helps [children] push through their battles and conquer their demons.”

Jessica received a $500 award and SIMV will continue to be in contact with her and her children to provide support.

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